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About us

We are the company with over 25 years of tradition. We specialize in comprehensive support services for the production and logistics processes of our partners.

Our original area of activity was the production and assembly of highly specialized fasteners (elements for fixing cable harnesses) for a leading manufacturer of components for the automotive industry. The effects of our work can be found in most passenger cars, trucks and other specialized vehicles. Components produced by us are also used in photovoltaic panels, windmills and highly specialized medical equipments.

We constantly expand the scope of our activities – now we are supporting the production and logistics processes of the other groups of clients:

  • production and packaging of specialist resins for sealing cable connections in distribution networks,
  • support for the production and packaging of protective face masks,
  • suport for the production of hygiene products – antibacterial gels,
  • completing and packaging the sets from the FMCG, Beauty and Care industries,
  • completing and labeling cosmetics.

During the development of our company, besides systematic increase in production capacity (currently 40 mln pcs. / month, which is about 1300 pallets), we improved the processes of:

  • logistic (collecting semiparts, distributing between production nests, delivering finished poducts),
  • warehouse management,
  • production planning and implementation,
  • quality management,
  • integration with internal processes (including IT) of our partners.

Currently we are investing heavily in automation of the processes, in which we participate. The standard model of cooperation with our partners rely on quick start of the cooperation based on manual assembly, and then, based on our know-how, we automate repetitive activities and implement measures aimed at improving the quality of production. We have our own team, consists of designers, automations engineers, programmers and maintenance technicians, who deals with construction of equipment for production automation.

The size and competence of our company allow us to adapt quickly to new areas of operation and integrate with the processes of our partners. We are able to finish not only quick and non-standard orders (for example short series), but also high-volume production orders.